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  1. Glad the writers went with Tasha instead of Sarek.

    I like the bookends: open with Worf, representing Tasha’s base characterization as the tactical officer; the middle has Data in the turbolift, representing the movement of her character during the series; and close with Geordi, representing her unfulfilled plotlines. (“Is ‘Engineering’ your destination as well?” is a great line in that context.)

    The turbolift scene has more depth if Tasha and Data shared the same tryst they did in the main timeline… I have to agree with Derek – the divergent timeline didn’t really change the characters. Starfleet deployment changes radically, yet Tasha was still rescued from her homeworld, and Wesley still exists. Maybe this kind of convergence is inherent to timeline hopping?

    Tasha’s been established as impulsive and emotional, and she’s had an extra two years of emotional growth, so I find the Yar/McGavin relationship true to her character. The problem with replacing that romance is that we still need a personal connection to the Enterprise-C and there’s not a ton of room for one. I guess she could form a sisterly bond with someone, helping them overcome flaws Tasha overcame herself in her two missing years.

    I didn’t pay enough attention to Riker. It’d be amazing if he shows shadows of Troi’s death.

    Finally, for the benefit of any bystanders who haven’t seen your solo entry for this episode: I still love how Gainen takes Tasha’s order and then walks away without filling it.

    • I completely forgot about the order thing from the SS. Dang.

      I really, really like the ‘sisterhood’ idea in that it lets us explore Yar’s unseen development by having her share it with someone else.

      Troi? Dead? We know that if the writers had written it, Troi would be dead in every alternate universe we don’t see her in. But in reality, you damn well know she woke up on a Bird of Prey last week in full Klingon makeup.

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