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  1. AHAHAHA, per Memory Alpha, script revisions replaced Geordi’s love interest with O’Brien!

    Even knowing the telepathic/telekinetic research was a callback to the Heirs of Plato, still took me a bit to realize the super-aggressive immune system was too.

    If I can be forgiven a super nitpicky question of military semantics/protocol: should the beacon be declaring QUARANTINED FOREVER by order of “Starfleet Command,” or just “Starfleet,” or even specifically “the USS Enterprise?” Does any Starfleet ship have the authority to make declarations in the name of Starfleet Command? Or should I assume they can’t in general, but can here because it falls under standing orders.

    “I recognize that you are trying to satisfy my conditions” – not that I want to put a moral into every episode, and not to say that every moral is well-founded, but I do appreciate it when shows include empirically sound leadership lessons.

    • Even though the Pulaski/Picard conflict was kinda ginned up for this episode, I do like the mature way in which it’s handled.

      Good catch on the “Plato’s Stepchildren” link. I think those guys weren’t even human. It just so happened that the environmental factor which affected them affected humans as well. But then, too many aliens of the TOS era were just humans from another planet, so…

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