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      The Troi gag is great. Hope it goes the distance. Also like the sommelier analogy, and the “without breaking a few eggs” stretch.

      Surprised Star Fleet doesn’t have policies addresing impersonation, mind control and duplicates. It’s awesome that the crew can’t be certain which Picard they fly away with.

      Pretty sure most TNG time/dimension hopping eps have their roots here.

      Like the episode less after learning it was intended as a Q prank. Would work equally well with the bonus Picard being a Mannheim echo, although only explains why everything disappears at the end here; doesn’t work in The Orville.

      Worf will eat anything = Bortus will eat anything = Bortus will eventually eat his way out of jail.

      In order to vary a dish to taste, replicator menus might require numerous reference examples to extrapolate from, which are provided by cooks like Riker.

      Kind of want to see “all decks report in: X casualties, Y damage” from the point of view of whoever’s responsible for a deck doing the headcount (or whatever) and then making the report.

      • Yeah, those reports roll in super-quick. Maybe the computer can just tell or something with statistics and Tacoma-like biometric data?

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