5 comments on “The Wil Wheaton Project

  1. Huh, me neither. Fair assessment.

    …wonder if he’s attached to the Picard Trek project.

    • Probably not. Wesley’s character is (unfairly) exempt from the aura that the rest of the cast gets. I mean, I feel like there aren’t a lot of Wesley episodes that are “good” in the way we think of TNG episodes as good.

      • Does that matter? A good chunk of the audience is young enough they won’t have seen TNG, the Wesley character will be as old now as Picard was then, and I think Wheaton as an actor has been more visible over the last decade than most of that cast.

        But looking at his imdb page, it doesn’t seem like his current voice work has been interrupted, so if he *is* involved I would guess it’s a ways off yet.

        • I think it’s about what fans want. Star Trek fans. I’m sure there are Wheaton fans, but I just don’t see them as being a big market someone’s trying to tap.

          I didn’t know he was so busy. Always good to hear.

          • Well, my thought isn’t about “Wheaton fans” as much as reaching the more casual TNG fans – ones who don’t remember TNG in detail, and who didn’t follow Discovery onto CBS’ streaming service.

            You’re right, of course, and one hopes CBS has a better view of the market than we do.

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