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  1. Brull is way more likable than Okona. Funny how he’s standing and shouting at Wesley just one table over from Riker and Troi.

    As a cis het guy who finds characters like Angel‘s Darla compelling, I think Riker here is little more than set dressing for Yuta to emote at, and I’m not unhappy with that. His flirting makes no difference to the scene where they meet and the scene in Ten Forward, except that it sets us up to see Troi and the sovereign being good wingmen; and the failed tryst in his quarters is just a vehicle for getting Yuta’s monologue out as efficiently as possible. The whole point of their “relationship” is for Yuta to have a breakdown about depriving herself of the bonds Brull discussed with Wesley.

    Also: Yuta and Brull stand for different dimensions of Acamarian society.

    Hah! When Crusher comes onto the bridge to tell Riker about the virus, Worf was flirting with the science officer in the background!

    • I’m sure that conversation was completely professional, Worf’s haaay girl posture, not withstanding.

      But yeah, it’s all a vehicle to get Yuna to give us that layered speech to make our ending more tragic. I try to hit issues with Riker’s womanizing and get off of them. Derek on the other hand…

      Please do let me know if I linger on some of our recurring knocks. After a certain point, I try to note them and move on.

      • Will do.

        Criticizing Riker here is fair, I think; not for his womanizing, but for how his womanizing is used to deprotagonize him. I’m not sure the c-plot hunt for the assassin makes up for it.

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