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  1. Yeah, it’s an upturn in using secondary characters better. Although, for being in this ep, Dr. Crusher is barely in this ep.

    The type of devastation, “a ship so big you can see it from the surface,” and the talk of traitors, they really make you think it’s going to be a Crystalline Entity or Borg episode. Kind of amazing how the Federation survives with so many existential threats floating around.

    • Well, I think the thing about TNG is that it assumes diplomacy can solve a lot of issues. The races that can compete with The Federation are reasonable enough to cooperate with The Federation. The Borg are determined assimilators, yeah. But Picard stops them. They had stopped existing until “First Contact.”

      The Dominion would have left well enough alone except that The Federation was insistent on making contact. Then, after The Dominion finally said; “here’s our border: stay out,” The Federation continued using the wormhole. The Dominion War was the result of failed diplomacy and The Federation being too intent on getting Bajor back on its feet.

      The Federation seems to take care of business. Between the telepaths and the Zackdorn and the Bynars and the Humans, it seems they have a lot of levels through which to solve problems, kinda like their own biological/cultural adaptation to enemy aggression in place of The Borg’s technological adaptation to threats.

      The Husnock seem like real assholes, but they’re not so different from the Gorn in “The Arena.” We know Kevin’s not omnipotent and it’s credible to say he might not be a reliable narrator, so there might be more to them than we’ve seen. I’m not a Husnock apologist, I’m just saying they may not be a threat that can’t be reasoned with.

      That’s assuming they’re even powerful enough to threaten The Federation. The original Enterprise could destroy a planet, given enough time. We don’t know how long the Husnock had to work over Delta Rana IV, but it’s weird they finished before Kevin genocided them up. Even if they did have a big murder ship, they may not have had whole fleets of them. Maybe just one or two.

      With a population of 50 billion, they’re dwarfed in population by The Federation. Those billions are about five Earth-sized “core worlds.” The Federation has more than that in capitol worlds of native races (Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites, Bolians, Betazeds, etc). Shoot, in “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” they had 40 billion in casualties. Julian cited a 900 billion estimate from the Dominion War in “Statistical Probabilities.” Both of those numbers are protracted wars and the YE numbers might include Klingons so they might be a bit high, but those are still just casualties.

      The Husnock are cool and their annihilation makes me think of the Markab in Babylon 5. Destroying a civilization is a big idea and I want to see it explored more, but I’m not really on the ‘Husnock as the next big, bad’ train. Dang, the novels didn’t even pick up that thread, which seems weird.

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