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  1. Ah, that feel when you’re about to start something, and someone calls you away. I know that feel. So does Picard! (cf. “Pen Pals.”) Would’ve been funny to eventually do this opening with everyone on the main cast.

    “It’s a great two seconds of television” – I wonder how hard it is fill a script with those moments.

    I think the aim with Devinoni Ral was to personify sleazy insider trading (which I guess was a big issue in the 1980s). His seduction of Troi might be a bit cartoonish, and I agree that I’d rather have TV be more clever and charming than real life is, but I do also think Troi’s interest in him is both true to her character and true to life. (Their shared empathic abilities establish an initial thread of sincere interest; she may have inherited her mother’s fascination with men who are hard to read; she isn’t used to being emotionally manipulated by non-Betazoids; we don’t know how many relationships she’s had besides Riker; and I’ve witnessed lines as dumb as Ral’s working on otherwise intelligent people in real life.) The ethics discussions weren’t the best, though, and I don’t think it would’ve hurt the episode to short the seduction a little more in order to tackle the “conflict of interest” angle better.

    In defense of mirrors: if your ship has more people than can comfortably exercise in your holodecks and gymnasiums, then I think small rooms with facing mirrors may be necessary to help stave off claustrophobia.

    I’m surprised you didn’t insinuate Beverly’s “other fella” might’ve been Picard.

    This ep is a great use of Ferengi.

    • Doing that opening with Geordi would require he have a personal life.

      Mirrors can open up a room for folks on a starship, for small restaurants, and for TV producers trying to make one slightly wide hallway look like a big room. There was so much to cover in that scene and so little time to do it.

      My issue with Troi/Ral (Deanna/Devinoni?) is that it doesn’t “land,” as Derek likes to say. That’s always been a vague critique though. More concretely, it skips an opportunity to dimensionalize Troi. All those possibilities are possibilities, when the episode had a chance to give definitives.

      The Ferengi were well-used. No doubt.

      • I hate to put this at Sirtis’ feet, but if the scene didn’t land, I think that comes down to how she and the director decided to have Troi emote. Outward stillness and physical control may be in-character for Troi, but they sure don’t give the audience much to latch onto.

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