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    • My only real complaint with Discovery is the “Starfleet doesn’t fire first” nonsense. They do when they have to; Starfleet hates violence but accepts it as an unpleasant reality. It’s that thing where folks misunderstand a fake flaw into Star Trek and then write to fix that fake flaw.

      P.S. Wish Seth McFarlane would quit promising shit for The Orville. Dude, you’ve got one problem and it’s that you don’t know when to stop.

  1. I hear you. My problem is more how the trailers were put together- too much flash and CGI in the Discovery trailer, not enough substance. The Orville’s trailer at least gives me an idea (albeit an inaccurate, incomplete idea) of what an episode might look like.

    Related: the Orville’s Crusher, Data & Worf analogues are obvious; I’ll guess the rest of the back row as O’Brien, Geordi & Yar.

    Unrelated: saw a trailer for the new Blade Runner was up. Glad that’s looking more like a sequel than a remake.

    • I was only peripherally aware of that. I’m ambivalent. The original was–without exaggeration–a masterpiece, so if you had to make another one, sequel would be the way to go. The trailer looks compelling. I’d see that on DVD.

      I fully expect it to be bad because Harrison Ford is in it??? He’s an albatross for movies and The Force Awakens is the exception that proves the rule.

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