2 comments on “The Offspring

  1. Worf needs to lighten up enough to get laid first.

    Man, these hallway scenes. These senior officers aren’t giving opposing traffic any room to pass by. …and of course Troi has no other duties while Lal tries on skins.

    It’s weird that the admiral’s concerns about instability turn out to be justified. Also that he’s not wearing science colors. Also that the actor seems familiar even though I don’t recognize his IMDB credits.

    I thought Data’s lack of grief made the scene extra sad.

    “You gave ‘grief leave’ to an Ensign when a character in their holodeck program died” would be a great line-item for the Mercer/Grayson court martial.

    • Worf has gotten laid! There’s tangible proof out there! 😉

      I could easily see helping new parents parent be in the wheelhouse of a 24th Century therapist. That she’s not great at it seems consistent.

      I think all admirals wear red. Even Beverly Crusher as a captain wore red in “All Good Things.” Have we seen engineering/science admirals?

      I get the lack of grief making the scene heavier in a way, but to claim Lal is backed up (especially when it never comes up again), deflates the consequences.

      That would be a great line for “The Orville.”

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