3 comments on “The Nth Degree

  1. It can be a challenge to write a conflict between main cast which is neither toothless nor vilifies either party. This episode is an improvement on last season’s “Transfigurations,” at any rate.

    Apropos of nothing, “I went by his quarters before the meeting” could be the subtlest this show has ever been about a hookup.

    • “Transfigurations” has a special place in my heart, perhaps irrationally, but I think you’re right. This is a better version of that.

      As far as hookups go, Gene Roddenberry’s version of a sexually liberated future appeals to me far more than TNG’s promiscuous future. If that makes any sense.

      • I think I get the distinction you’re making, though I must confess I no longer recall how much Roddenberry’s vision actually differs.

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