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  1. I must confess:
    – I’ve never seen “The Manchurian Candidate.”
    – I’m not familiar with Aaron Sorkin.

    Random idle thoughts:
    – I wonder if Geordi’s “I took second place in a chess tournament” is an allusion to “One Night in Bangkok.”
    – Nice to get three levels of the warp core set in a single shot.
    – Without seeing the Vor’Cha and Birds of Prey in the same shot, I think I really would forget that they’re visually distinct.
    – You just just can’t get good gagh on a Federation ship.

    Things we’re no longer tracking:
    – Another episode where “Captain Riker, Ambassador Picard” works seamlessly.
    how is Troi only getting good vibrations from this Klingon

    Geordi is once again giving imprecise instructions to the computer. Nice to see that’s a consistent part of his characterization, and not just a one-off to make HoloBrahms possible.

    The distinctive Romulan charging seems like a fair approximation of how arms manufacturing gets traced in the real world. It’s a nice subversion to have the telltale quirk be the weapon performing better than expected, rather than worse. You’re right that an origin can be spoofed, but like you say in the podcast, the episode already has multiple layers.

    The episode ends on a strong note, and it is nice to see Troi in a serious counseling role, but her method of recovering repressed memories seems itself to be awfully similar to brainwashing.

    • I haven’t seen The Manchurian Candidate either. I understand it’s the movie that added brainwashing to the American consciousness.

      Aaron Sorkin is the guy behind the first five seasons of The West Wing and all of SportsNight, and the News Room. A guy who’s made his career off of writing contemporary-era Picard speeches.

      Oh, yeah this is a big one for Captain Riker, Ambassador Picard. I’m just so tired at this point I’m no longer really on point for this stuff.

      I wasn’t aware of “One Night in Bangkok,” by its name. It could be a reference, but it’s got a really great video.

      I feel like I could unpack the assumption by the writer’s that Geordi’s way out of Romulan programming is so confrontational, but it’s a lot to unpack. As is, I’m just glad that Troi is doing anything.

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