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  1. If the first Riker/Troi scene had happened right after the staff meeting she stormed out of, Geordi could’ve taken Riker’s place (maybe with Riker arriving at the end just to immediately bow out gracefully); but otherwise I don’t think Geordi’s a good match here. He was born blind and then got a replaceable prosthetic which is superior to vision – he’s not in any better a position to sympathize with Troi than anyone else.

    Man, that widow Troi’s counseling, she flip flops everytime we see her. It undercuts their moment near the end where she thanks Troi for helping despite lacking psychic powers.

    I’m sure this has come up already, but the ship’s counselor position replaces the unit chaplain in Roddenberry’s godless future, right? It never occurred to me that funerary tasks would be administrated through the counselor’s department, but in that context it makes sense.

    Thanks for pointing out the Discovery thing! Didn’t know they’d put it there.

    • Geordi can’t relate with losing a sense, but he can relate to being different in that way. Troi specifically mentions how other people change and walk on eggshells, and I’m sure that Geordi, even as a kid, has had that kind of experiment.

      I hadn’t thought about the chaplain thing. I certainly hadn’t brought it up. It makes sense though.

      • The experience we’re looking for is for a character to be treated normally, and then something happens to make people treat the character more gingerly than they did before. Is childhood Geordi losing his visor really comparable? There’s enough difference for Troi to get angry about, which I guess works with the episode, but something more like the widow’s loss seems more on point and that’s something you could stick in anyone’s backstory.

        …or Crusher’s. How did they not use Crusher for that? Maybe they started to, and then decided a more proximate widowing would work better.

        • It’s three episodes in one. One of those episodes is about Troi not being able to do something everyone expects of her. It is a disability and she’s treated like she’s disabled.

          You are right in that it is literally called “The Loss,” and I made loss.jpg memes for it. Yeah, Doctor Crusher could have a lot to say about this, but the disability angle is still very valid.

          • Ah, yeah, fair point; I completely forgot about the three eps part of the issue.

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