3 comments on “The Icarus Factor

  1. Hey, the Yamato bought it already too. Surprised the Aries never does.

    With Riker’s character inheriting the action-adventure half of the Kirk template, guess that means Kyle Riker is what TNG thinks Kirk would’ve been like as a dad.

    Hm. Trek IS full of daddy issues. Gotta add some breadth to the random table of backstory baggage.

  2. Maybe there’s a Kyle/Kirk thing, but given that Will is something of a generic leading action man, I tend to think that Kyle Riker is the writers projecting their personal experiences as a universal human experience.

    “My dad is like this” => “all dads are like this” => “Riker is a universal human” => “Riker’s dad is like this”

    It follows the human-culture-is-American-culture foibles of Star Trek and takes them to the next level.

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