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  1. I’ve said this before, and I know the episode skips right past this, but for the benefit of anyone just tuning in: way back at the end of season one, Crusher stayed behind on Earth for a year to purge Starfleet Headquarters of mind-control parasites. That’s got to make it harder for her to accept Odan’s true nature (and may explain why Odan would conceal it from Starfleet).

    Crusher has only a few solid episodes to herself, so to the extent that we care about her character, it is a big deal to change the Trill in ways which undermine the heart of this episode (adding a taboo against reassociation, Ezri Dax losing interest in Worf). There’s also the question of why go back to the Trill at all instead of inventing a new race – to the extent that we value the Trill for anything besides their name, it seems like a big deal to retool them so extensively that they have no more in common with their original appearance than they do with the parasites from “Conspiracy.” For the series as a whole, of course, retooling a one-off race for continued use isn’t a big deal, except to the extent it’s successful (as with the Ferengi).

    • All great points. Given that I’m neutral-to-poor on how this episode turned out, I may do a solo session or record this with a guest during our post-Season 4 hiatus. You’re welcome to co-host if you’re interested.

        • We’re recording the supplemental next week. Then I’ve got to turn around and post everything, so about three weeks. Trying to get caught up so I can queue everything in advance and have the season done and dusted as early as possible, but you know my production schedule is fucked.

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