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  1. A Crusher episode that doesn’t foreground romance!

    You guys mention liking “The Hunted” better – while “The Hunted” might be a better action/adventure story, I don’t think it has any more intellectual depth than this episode. …I was going to lump “The Vengeance Factor” in this too, but I think that one actually takes a stronger stance.

    I think Derek’s criticism (even if he’s arguably wrong) was meant to be in the same vein as you counting down the seconds until Worf fires at intruders – criticizing how careless the show is with the details tactical behavior.

    It’s neat that Troi’s moment of concern for Geordi here gets remembered four years later and built out into a whole B-plot.

    • In “Thine Own Self”? Yeah.

      The distinctions I instinctively tried to draw between “The Hunted” and “The High Ground” in response to your point were immediately subjective and personal. Even saying that Roga Danar’s conflict seems clearer (it is) undercuts everything I said about not needing to know what exactly it is Finn is fighting for.

      Thanks for the perspective on Derek’s take.

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