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  1. The Laughing Vulcan (and His Dog)!

    I like how the stone pillars at the end resemble V’Ger’s grotto, as though apotheosis involves a degree of convergent evolution. My assumption wasn’t that someone imprisoned “god” here, but more along the lines of ‘Gary Mitchell fell down a well’; Kirk’s Enterprise survived a galactic barrier way back in “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” so I’ve got no problem with them (and the Bird of Prey) surviving again for the same reasons.

    There’s a good parallel here between Kirk climbing a mountain “because it’s there” and The Laughing Vulcan’s quest for ultimate knowledge. Arrogance and vanity; Kirk falls; Sybok falls. Weird though how Kirk survives while Sybok doesn’t. Also, endeavor for endeavor’s sake is a staple Star Trek virtue, so it’s weird for the movie to undercut it. I feel like there’s a common thread between Kirk’s increasingly indulgent interior decorating, his incongruous skepticism of space magic, and the fact he invited only Spock and McCoy to go camping. Like he’s withdrawing from adventure instead of pursuing it.

    Unintentional ramifications of the writing/editing:
    -McCoy goes through three bottles of whiskey in the early camping scenes.
    -Kirk lets the catgirl drown, and so does Sybok.
    -When I saw the Klingon woman I (wrongly) thought she was Rand and had defected, and that’s why she had access to Federation communications, and didn’t have full forehead ridges.
    -Romulans don’t care about any of this.

    Scotty: “It was put together by monkeys!”
    StarCraft science vessel: “Who let the monkeys out of their cages?!”

    Good on ST:Generations for remembering that Kirk said he’d always die alone; good on Galaxy Quest for remembering to start out drunk; and good on ST:Beyond for remembering this “Sulu does crazy piloting” moment. It’s a shame Firefly got cancelled before we could learn that River was Sybok.

    • I guess he kinda is. Hadn’t considered Sybok for that. Figured it was a silly nursery rhyme character. But then everyone loves that factoid about Ring Around The Rosie, so an appropriately dark nursery rhyme about Sybock works.

      My guess was Cytherians. With the glowing head and the impressive knowledge and the sending probes to the universe’s Barclays and the living in the center of the galaxy.

      My problem with the Enterprise being able to get through the barrier is that they said in the story they couldn’t get through the barrier. Like…maybe if it was same Enterprise I’d buy it as God moving pieces into place, but as is, it reads like a bad episode of Dr. Who.

      There’s a parallel between Kirk’s story and Sybok’s and this movie would’ve been a lot better if it was aware of it. It’s incapable of examining Sybok’s motivations too closely so every character just dodges around it. Sybok’s wrong because he’s the antagonist. Kirk’s right because he’s the protagonist.

      Sorry. I don’t get the StarCraft reference.

      That IS a conspicuous amount of references. Weird.

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