2 comments on “The Emissary

  1. Good episode.

    Nice how Worf’s single-minded klingon aggression gets swapped onto another character, one who’s supposedly more human and reasonable (though flipping Spock’s “keep human side in check” to keeping klingon side in check), to let Worf show more nuance.

    Not sure if Muldaur’s “guess it’s just us, handsome” (to Worf in the poker scene) follows up on the tea ceremony from “Up the Long Ladder,” if it’s a standard part of her characterization not directed specifically at Worf, or if it’s just a prelude to the ugly fish jokes and has nothing to do with her character or continuity.

    • I always kind of assume the best of Pulaski, but this watch through definitely puts my defense of her to rest.

      The Klingon/Human/Vulcan continuum mirrors, IMO, the aggression/earthiness continuum of dwarves/humans/elves. I don’t think it’s intentionally cribbed, more like there’s a paradigm of broad characterization that writers/audiences get.

      This watch through is also putting to bed a lot of my resentment for how Worf’s character is treated. I mean he names the “getting Worfed” trope and is a pretty bad father, but he’s got the kind of depth Geordi, Troi, and–I’ll say it–Riker and Crusher wish they got.

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