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  1. The Enterprise changes its operational area so often; reports to so many different admirals; Picard seems to have has influence equivalent to an admiralcy; in “Redemption II” Picard assembles and leads a fleet of twenty-some ships; and “Chain of Command” suggests he’d take command of sector defenses… could Picard’s position be de facto equivalent to an Admiralcy, and is a Galaxy-class big enough to be considered its own home port?

    “Our first Hot Damn episode of TNG” – Yeah, I’d have to agree with that. Amazing they added the Henry V throughline only two days before shooting. (Also, I appreciate that Picard’s here instead of Geordi, since back in “Elementary My Dear Data” he expressed an aversion to scripted/gameless holodecking.)

    It’s nice to see “The Romulan Incident” flipped back on the Federation. I like that Picard knowingly commits himself to walking into a trap, and that he isn’t entirely in the right in his conversation with Jirok; it casts the breaking of Jirok to being more about later intelligence value than about validating the current situation.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if these cloaked Romulan probes were the basis for the Protoss probes in StarCraft.

    Picard owes Klingons a favor now? Or do we assume Starfleet trades favors with the Klingon admiralty pretty regularly? Either way, despite all the Klingon politicking we get later, I’m not sure we ever see the Klingons collect on this one.

    • Does The Federation owe the Klingons a favor?

      Jean-Luc Picard: *Composes 8-page formal request to Klingon High Council for the use of two warbirds.*

      Klingons: *Read the word ‘Romulan’ in the first paragraph and give Picard three warbirds. Throw away rest of request.*

      I think the Klingons would see fucking with the Romulans as its own reward. Diplomatic missions to Romulus are iffy, but this seems like it’d be pro bono.

      Also, I like the idea of Picard being a proto-admiral and the Enterprise being its own home port. It works on a few levels.

      • Smart thinking – a clever way of looking at it.

    • I see, I suppose that would have to be the case.

  2. That’s fair. I’d forgotten just how much the Klingons hated the Romulans.

    I’m not sure what all’s entailed in being its own home port. On one hand, I almost wish we’d seen more of TNG’s fleet doctrine; on the other hand, because the writers made stuff up as they went, the series has a subtle thread of constant technological advancement, and I wouldn’t want to risk losing it.

    (…Which isn’t to say Orville, Discovery or some other new series would necessarily suffer from planning it out ahead of time. They just need to account for it in their plans.)

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