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  1. I wonder if the “easy birth” and “you’d never know she’d had a baby” is metacommentary on TV births in general; the early conversation between Picard and Wesley certainly seems like metacommentary on McFadden leaving the show. Also kinda neat (though obviously not enough to save the episode) is how using Wesley for the B-plot transforms the A-plot into metacommentary/foreshadowing about Wesley’s character arc. Which raises the question of whether Jack Crusher was really human or just masquerading as one (which I’m sure you guys mentioned early last season).

    Amused, as always, how Derek’s pitches to flip these scripts manage to anticipate future episodes (here, the ENT 1×05 episode “Unexpected”). Although, hearing you guys talk, maybe the ideal version of this script would involve a saucer separation and the plague killing Riker plus whatever other hands-on command officers we want to slough off.

    I feel like that exterior shot of ten-forward, with greeble no less, is both unprecedented and unpostcedented.

    Following up on the solo session for this ep:
    -Watched “Fresh Hell” with Brent Spiner on youtube. Took me ages to recognize Dakota’s actress was in There Will Be Brawl.
    -Since I mentioned the fireworks thing to you, almost to the day, my neighbors have been quieter. I almost regret it; the coincidence feels like bad karma.

  2. We don’t hate Riker, I promise. Well, I don’t. He’s kind of a mary sue for the writers/producers who aren’t Gene Roddenberry and he is–at this point anyway–co-main character. He’s filled with “relateable flaws” that are not relateable and the story asks us to like him just because he’s in front of the camera. He is, like Kirk, very much a product of his time.

    I try to reel Derek in a bit on it and trust me, no one savors the talk about the moments when Riker becomes Riker more than I do. Unrelated: we’ve already recorded “A Matter of Honor.”

    I will also talk about the injustice of his character ending up in the dustbin alongside Geordi and Troi when that time comes.

    I did not know that “greeble” was a word and I will bitch about excessive greeble until I die.

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