2 comments on “The Best of Both Worlds, part 2

  1. Colonial birds like penguins or quaker parrots could work.

    I think the reason “we’ll steal Picard back and then figure something out” feels natural is because of how clear it is that they *can’t* do more than grasp at straws.

    If the show had been capable of juggling a season across three protagonist ships, it could’ve been fun to have Worf, Geordi and Troi as first officers for Captains Shelby, Data and Riker.

    I guess this two-parter establishes that there’s forty ships within a week’s maximum sustainable warp of Earth. Starfleet size is proportionate to how evil V’Ger is?

    • That grasping at straws theory really works. I like it.

      I’ve long been a proponent of Star Trek as an anthology series, so there’s no way I’d argue against a series that shifted between three ships.

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