2 comments on “The Best of Both Worlds part 1

  1. Best episode to date, for sure; I guess that’s a question to revisit in the Season 7 supplemental.

    “Lady Young Riker” sounds like an old movie serial… hah, Derek’s Data/Shelby slashfic.

    I like that we hear Starfleet needs captains at the same time they talk about tackling the Borg, almost like Starfleet is expanding the fleet to meet the threat.

    Scenes aboard the Borg cube get a ton of mileage out of that one 30×30 set.

    You guys make a good point about the right way to use technobabble.

    • Those sets get so much mileage. I know I’ll never make movies, but…#goals.

      Yeah, maybe Starfleet is expanding, but my impression of Starfleet’s approach to new threats has been improving the value of existing ships instead of a WWII-style mass-production effort. But, if you see me laying the groundwork for bitching about fleet sizes in DS9, you’ve nailed it. Although I’ll have to make some concessions on that point once we visit Qualor II.

      I don’t remember us actually coming to a point on technobabble, because it’s such a big, soft topic, but I’m glad we did.

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