6 comments on “The Arsenal of Freedom

  1. I think the disdain isn’t for Minos dealing to both sides, but more for how dealing to both sides acts to perpetuate and escalate the fighting, which plays into the underlying theme of self-destructiveness.

    I think that one line from Chief Engineer Logan (asking about Geordi’s obligation to the away team) was supposed to express disbelief in Geordi’s apparent flip-flop, rather than being a flip-flop of his own. Also: add one to the Chief Engineer count; not at all surprising that Logan gets replaced in a few episodes. (I am a little surprised, though, that Geordi doesn’t count Data among the people who can relieve him of command. )

    I’m glad Derek mentioned how Picard calls Riker and then lets Ensign T’Su report her sensor readings to him directly; I was going to call out how neatly Geordi rephrases and relays Worf’s sensor readings for the away team later on, but it’s more interesting to take the two scenes in parallel – I like that the writers bothered to give Picard and Geordi different styles of command. (I suppose it was also a good way to spread the dialogue around, and help set up Geordi’s subplot.)

    I agree with you guys on every point; good episode, and it is nice how the social moral stayed mainly in the background.

    ‘Technologies we should’ve seen in use against the Borg or Dominion’ count: +1.

    …something something RPG, multiple characters per player so the away teams aren’t bridge officers all the time, something something Alveda III tragedy, everybody dying in space all the time…

  2. Yeah, Minos’ unwillingness to take sides makes them an amoral (not immoral) player and their lack of concern over the moral consequences of their actions goes hand-in-floaty-laser-tampon-egg with their lack of recognizing the material consequences of their actions.

    I hadn’t noticed that Picard/Geordi contrast before. It’s a good catch. I really wish we could’ve seen Geordi do more command stuff instead of having his own Everyone’s A Captain Futures that were so popular during the TNG-era.

    I do have an actual list for Federation “Black Tech” and I don’t know if I added this one. The only problem is that Jem’Hadar have immaculate credit scores.

    • “Jem’Hadar have immaculate credit scores.”

      But can the Vorta resist investing in sub-prime mortgage bundles? Also, “credit score” must be a magic word for spammers.

      • I assume the Vorta do, but also that they execute the bankers when things go south. The Dominion never struck as folks who were good sports about losing.

        The spam filter catches everything. I cleaned and let GeralTousy through because it was written in a charming verse structure.

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