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So this video went up on October 30th.  To TL; DR it, de facto racial segregation by economic segregation still exists, and white kids get far better schools than black kids do. Worse, the few laws in place to mitigate this are being repealed because white judges and white juries think racism no longer exists. John Oliver make the point that having racially diverse schools is good for black kids and neutral for white kids and maybe he’s right, but what if he isn’t?

What if having black kids from black neighborhoods bussed to wealthy white schools was very good for black kids and bad–even a tiny bit bad–for white kids?

I mean, challenging affirmative action or diversity targets in university only requires willful ignorance of said inequalities and a dogged ability to disregard a humanitarian, cultural interest in untipping the scales. I don’t think most people feel that way.

But would it be different if it was bad for them? Would white parents say yes if it was a tiny bit bad for their kids? Would they value opportunities for a stranger above the best possible opportunities–in excess of mere sufficiency–for their child? Would they put the duty to educate all Americans above their apparent need to see others struggle to have enough because they’ve never had enough? Would they put patriotism over an animalistic dedication to their own bloodline?

Or would they deny it, and in so doing deny the pretenses of America, justice, freedom, the American Dream itself? Would they be so small, so as to secure the blessings of liberty for their posterity alone? Would they isolate their youth behind walls of wealth then–years later–scorn and bemoan as bizarre the generation which has grown up outside those walls? How could they applaud the United States? How could they raise high as heroes men and women who had sacrificed for their county knowing they were consciously opposed to making the slightest of sacrifices for the same?