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When you have a character who is a badass killing machine, you want to set up a scenario when they’re allowed to go all-out. Maybe not on the cogs in the wheel of an unjust system. The cogs Kovachs just gunned down in the corridors.

What’s interesting about media is that characters are rarely called upon to make the banal moral compromises most of us have to to pay rent. So when our dude starts killing every minimum wage worker and middle-manager trying to get by in a world run by disengaged Methuselahs it takes me a minute to realize we’re supposed to be rooting for him. Ew.

I’m also angry he only uses his gun’s retractable bullet thing once in this whole series. Like…what’s the point, man?

You may be excited to learn that this is the last Blood and Chrome to get pushed to the feed. The other six episodes will be linked on as I edit them and next week we will resume Star Trek: The Next Generation with “The Best of Both Worlds, Part II.”

Blood and Chrome:

Episode 5: The Wrong Man

Episode 6: The Man with My Face

Episode 7: Nora Inu

Episode 8: Clash by Night

Episode 9: Rage in Heaven

Episode 10: The Killers

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The Most Toys

I fell off of making these and need to get back onto it, but even when I did make them more regularly, I never shared them here.

I think I scaled this one down too much for the amount of ‘growth’ I added for the white border. It’s a process.

Okona is a mary sue, from the series that inspired the first mary sue. But through Derek’s eyes, even the most mundane second season episodes are exciting.

At some point we’re going to get past the bizarre work schedules of Starfleet crew members and Troi’s usefulness, but today is not that day (and tomorrow isn’t looking too good either).

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