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Slideshow post about how Warner Brothers/DC should make an Authority movie to capitalize on all of the possibilities revealed by Deadpool’s success.



The Authority v1 #15


Midnighter & Apollo relationship is best relationship.

Inappropriate sex joke is best sex joke.


Top Ten Favorite Female Comic Book Heroes (DC and Marvel)
#4: Engineer

She has the same first name as my best friend. Snaps all around.


[The Authority v1 #6]

Oh, you boys.


So I got a few trades from the store, and…yeah, I pretty much love the authority. Not just Apollo and Midnighter, although they are epic magical murderhusbands. But all of these people are hilarious.


Today’s spam: The Wildstorm Universe’s most powerful superheroes frolicking naked.


[The Authority v1 #8]

So, did you guys know that the most badass person ever to exist was Jenny Sparks?