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If you are thinking of sending someone a message telling them any variation of “you should kill yourself”, please stop, look at your own life, sort your shit out. But whatever you do, don’t send that fucking message. 

Don’t pretend it is ok in your case, don’t let that anonymous option fool you into thinking it doesn’t have an impact. Sending someone that kind of shit is not ok, do not do it ever. 


Day 23 – An LGBT image that makes you cry or makes you angry.

Tyler Clementi, 18 

Billy Lucas, 15

Harrison Chase Brown, 15

Cody J. Barker, 17

Seth Walsh, 13

And countless more. They never had to if they weren’t made to feel they needed to. These happy, beautiful faces would have still been walking on this earth if it weren’t for cruel, cold, disgusting judgement. Please help end this repulsive madness.

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