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MCNFA Season 2, Episode 2

Links are below:

Swatting Story


Cities Sue Military to Enforce Gun Laws



North Carolina Last Year

Alabama Last Year

UPDATE: The Supreme Court has ordered a stay, pending their review of other partisan gerrymandering cases. North Carolina will have an election under the gerrymandered map.

The episodes from season one:

Tolls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7Kr5_Yj4bY

Gerrymandering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wtb6w2F2KQ4

A new Minecraft News for Adults. I wiped my system and installed 64-bit Windows so I could have better video editing quality. I cut it down to 15 minutes and focused on exactly five talking points per episode so I could get high-quality audio. You should see the video as it plays on my computer.

…but YouTube seemed to mince all of that in the upload. (:

Links below the cut.

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I like doing Minecraft News for Adults. The news gets stuck in my craw and talking/writing about it is the only way to get it out.

Laziness is one reason I don’t get these out every week, but the fact that I’m not satisfied with the end result is another. MCNFA is missing both editorial focus and a tone that matches my speaking style. I’m aiming for a calm, even rendition–kind of a ‘podcast you listen to in the background’ feel–but it gets emotional and uneven in places and the lack of a script for the back half hurts.

Also that back half becomes a blog so I need tighter scripting there instead of bullet points.

As a guy who’s been doing a podcast for three years and still can’t reliably get an episode up on Mondays, “put more work into it” is an obvious, if comprehensive, bit of criticism.