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Deadpool 2

I tend to take notes while I watch movies. Then, I transcribe those notes here when I’m done. I recently watched Deadpool 2, so here it is. Text is what what written, information in [[double brackets]] are after-the-fact notes.

[[Like Keanu, I realized my notes on this are really short. It says something about me that “short notes” is some of the highest praise I can give a movie.]]


I’m sorry, the cast of Bridesmaids is WHAT? [[I watched at the Alamo Drafthouse, which plays old movies as part of events and just because, really, so they routinely show old trailers before the new trailers. It’s pretty cool I live near a theater that’s playing the original True Grit just whenever. Also, that Bridesmaids cast is bonkers-good.]]

Hey, actual previews already.

More Jurrasic Park. We’ve done this already. [[I’ll do this in my Avengers: Infinity War transcript, which I haven’t transcribed yet.]]

Johnny Knocksville movie again. Action Point. This is a good fit for Johnny Knoxville. It’s comfortable.

Please subvert this Spider-Man Movie under the…? Trippy. India. Has potential.

Upgrade-I like the high concept action movie. I am opposed to revenge movies, but, like, that’s the point of this one; revenge is a bad idea but this is the idea.

Deadpool 2

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The Last Jedi

I tend to take notes while I watch movies. Then, I transcribe those notes here when I’m done. I recently watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so here it is. Text is what what written, information in [[double brackets]] are after-the-fact notes.

The Last Jedi

Between black listing and just punching out of internet conversations where it came up, the backlash I’ve seen against The Last Jedi has been muted and undirected. Some of the socially aware folks I follow are discontent and the folks who’d call them “SJWs” who occasionally float across my dash also seem unhappy, but with a duller focus than I usually see from them.

People have even dredged through and compiled Mark Hamill interviews with a fervor that either represents their moral outrage or an equally strong desire to get Mark Hamill fired from Star Wars forever, the dicks.

Anyway, the pre-movie ads are still up so I’ll fill some more time. [[TLJ apparently thought it assert its dominance over me in the ‘filling time’ competition]]

I’m watching the AVX version or the BMX version. Whatever bullshit theater upgrade they only put in two theaters so they can charge $2 extra to folks who couldn’t make the earlier show because their car was acting up. Whatever. It’s just $2 [[And my car barely started when I left, so that’s a win]].

But seriously, how much bass does the “silence your cell phones” PSA need?

Fuck man, the lights literally just went down and this bitch in front of me immediately pulled up Facebook on their fucking phone.

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I know a lot of folks are ironically over these. “Oh, a movie with too many superheroes in it. How droll.” That’s fair I guess.

I’ve enjoyed The Avengers movies and Civil War, but they’ve been a case study–like a study one could undertake because it’s a perfect case–of me liking the promise of a thing that never seems to deliver on that promise.

Also, I don’t know if it’s because of the video about it, but I noticed the Avengers theme. I know they’ve used it a lot in other movies, but now I’m noticing it. Did the Marvel guys push it harder because of the video? Or am I just noticing it because of the video?

On a weird note, the “Every Frame A Painting Guys” announced they were retiring recently (on a quick review, they haven’t made a video in about a year).

As you know, I rarely watch movies. When I do, I take notes during movies and the post them on the internet after the movie. This time it’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  Notes made after the movie are in brackets.

I want to preface this by saying I was skeptical. It billed itself as a serious war movie when Star Wars is generally a light fairy tale with laser swords. I’m not a blood and guts guy, but before going in I called that the more main cast members died, the more I’d like this movie. Death doesn’t necessarily make a movie serious or good, but I expected that paradigm to work for this one.


Spiderman: Homecoming (aka Spiderman I, Volume 3) – The split between the boat scene is reminiscent of Spiderman II, Volume 1. Looks okay though. That kid’s face is too young for that body though.

??? – Is this a Breakfast Club remake? Terry whispered it’s Power Rangers. They’ve remade it as a stock superhero movie, which makes sense. Not leading with the fact that it’s a Power Rangers movie and not showing the costumes doesn’t bode well. I would have preferred the Breakfast Club remake. [I’m starting a rumor right now that Universal Pictures scrapped a BC remake.]

MORE Pirates of the Caribbean – I don’t think that’s the title of it but it might as well be.


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