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Experimentation Week wraps up with the most, uh, *this* version of Morning Perfect Base.

Which is to say, I’m just playing Minecraft while talking about playing Minecraft. It only now occurs to me I should’ve tried a Madden impression, replete with obvious Minecraft tips.

Lemme know if this is your thing.

Not the Madden stuff; that’s no one’s thing. Lemme know if the Minecraft Let’s Play thing is your thing.

MCNFA Season 2, Episode 2

Links are below:

Swatting Story


Cities Sue Military to Enforce Gun Laws



North Carolina Last Year

Alabama Last Year

UPDATE: The Supreme Court has ordered a stay, pending their review of other partisan gerrymandering cases. North Carolina will have an election under the gerrymandered map.

The episodes from season one:

Tolls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7Kr5_Yj4bY

Gerrymandering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wtb6w2F2KQ4

A new Minecraft News for Adults. I wiped my system and installed 64-bit Windows so I could have better video editing quality. I cut it down to 15 minutes and focused on exactly five talking points per episode so I could get high-quality audio. You should see the video as it plays on my computer.

…but YouTube seemed to mince all of that in the upload. (:

Links below the cut.

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A well-preserved Victorian home will usually sell for a premium. These lovely houses with decorative trim, intriguing rooflines and lively color schemes are often out of reach for the average home buyer

However, if you know where to look, Victorian bargains are out there. We found seven Victorians priced under six digits. With most of these homes you will have to be handy, because they are in need of varying degrees of repair.

But if you desire gingerbread trim and decorative spindles, these budget-friendly options are just waiting for a little elbow grease to restore their inner (and outer) beauty.

80 Curtis St, Franklin, NC

Price: $89,900

The decorative detail: Bright and cherry, this 1897 home has an unusually cool, round, wrap-around porch out front, and it is stuffed with period features inside. A wood-burning cooking stove, bay windows and ornate fireplace mantles are just a few of the intriguing features in this painted-lady-to-be.

Cheery Victorian


1554 Madison Ave, Covington, KY

Price: $89,900

The decorative detail: With turrets, gables and ornate trim to spare, this home built in 1901 has everything we love about the Queen Annes of the Industrial Era. Although it’s been converted into a multifamily dwelling, the period detail remains intact. Inside you will find stained glass, pocket doors and Rookwood fireplaces.

Classic Queen Anne


1520 E Gibson St, Scranton, PA

Price: $94,900

The decorative detail: Looking for a place that’s move-in ready? This Victorian may need a few cosmetic tweaks, but its been lovingly cared for over the years. You’ll get a tin ceiling, built-in curio cabinets, bay windows, even a Victorian-style screen door.

Move-in-ready charm


615 N Chestnut St, Seymour, IN

Price: $94,900

The decorative detail: The charming Eastlake scrollwork on this 1900 home isn’t reserved for the façade. You’ll find the same detail on door frames, the staircase and fireplace mantles. Historic touches in the home include mirrored fireplaces and stained glass windows.

Classic scrollwork


300 W Houston St, Cleveland, TX

Price: $95,000

The decorative detail: We don’t see many single-story Victorians, but we love the quaint details of this home. With a tin roof, large bay window and Eastlake-style spindles on the porch, there is plenty to fall in love with. Bonus: The home comes with original hardwood floors.

Rare single-story


35 Fairmount Ave, Laurel Springs, NJ

Price: $95,000

The decorative detail: This adorable, circa 1910, folk-style Victorian is a perfect mix of charm and sensible farm house. In need of TLC, a fixer-upper enthusiast who buys this home will have plenty of raw material to work with—including pocket doors; a massive, wraparound porch; and ornate trim.


Quaint and folksy

424 E Main St, Millville, NJ

Price: $28,500

The decorative detail: This circa 1887 home is ultra-affordable for New Jersey. Admittedly, it needs work but we think it might be a diamond in the rough. With the simple Mansard design, bay windows, and period touches still intact, there’s no end to what a savvy buyer could do.

Mansard style charm

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…I didn’t need to see this. Why would you show me this.

VanVelding Castle, Reverentville World

Price: 75 emeralds

The Decorative Detail: This adorable, 10-story monolith is a rare catch. It is the largest structure on the western continent and boasts a village just a short rail ride away. It has all the amenities, Ct/EtwLib/Bs/Anv. A column of never-ending lava provides central heating and light. Bonus features, like an End Chest and Nether Portal push the price up a bit, but it’s important to remember that these walls contain the only ground on the continent that isn’t swarming with mobs after nightfall. My initials are engraved in it with obsidian blocks so this will require a little bit of work to make it feel homey. 

Topheavy and mostly cobble.

Found the stronghold on the Minecraft server. It’s very small. Instead of a sprawling, multilayered dungeon it’s, like, three rooms and some stairs.



Medieval, Seton Castle, Ireland

photo via karla