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I know a lot of folks are ironically over these. “Oh, a movie with too many superheroes in it. How droll.” That’s fair I guess.

I’ve enjoyed The Avengers movies and Civil War, but they’ve been a case study–like a study one could undertake because it’s a perfect case–of me liking the promise of a thing that never seems to deliver on that promise.

Also, I don’t know if it’s because of the video about it, but I noticed the Avengers theme. I know they’ve used it a lot in other movies, but now I’m noticing it. Did the Marvel guys push it harder because of the video? Or am I just noticing it because of the video?

On a weird note, the “Every Frame A Painting Guys” announced they were retiring recently (on a quick review, they haven’t made a video in about a year).


10 times the Jessica Jones twitter account destroyed its haters. The dig at that last one’s profile pic is spot on.



No, you won’t–because you’ll be wrong, and that will be damaging to your fan cried. This would be like insisting that the Post-Crisis DC Earth was Earth-1. It might be what you want, but it isn’t so, and like in that case, you will eventually come to accept the new normal.

Tom is wrong, though, because Marvel said this isn’t a reboot, and if it isn’t a reboot, the Marvel Universe is still 616!

(616 was always more of a fan term than an editorial one, so it really doesn’t matter what editorial says. My question, though, is why is editorial saying anything? Why are the editors so invested in taking this inoffensive term of reference away from their fans?)

I dunno, isn’t destroying comic book universes about implementing editorial’s ]massive sarcasm]absolutely correct[/massive sarcasm] vision of pretend spandex people? 

If it’s all about making comics fit an editor’s personal model of how things should work, then there’s gonna be quite a bit of irrational, arbitrary, self-important personal stake in it.



I’m not a Loki fan. I get why the attractive, damaged, emo supervillain could be attractive, but he’s still a pissy, self-centered, insecure prick who’s willing to decimate Earth because his family loves the shit out of him, but just doesn’t express that love enough for Loki’s taste.

I’ve got family like Loki.

None the less, he’s a good character and a good villain and Hiddleston plays the shit out of him.