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(Most) Every Wednesday, I make a brief development blog on my card/board game, Dead Parents Dungeon (DPD). It’s a fantasy-themed, light-hearted game about families and dungeons.

Progress: Second Rules Draft

I rewrote the rules again to try to align everything to how it ought to be. I’ll add those new rules–with notes–over the next few weeks. I’m going to start with Setup, then The Turn, Dungeons, Combat, and finally Looting.

The Setup

Shuffle the Village Deck, the Monster Deck, the Baby Deck, and the Deck of Family cards.

Each player draws and plays a Family card.

Each player starts with a hand size of seven cards. Each player draws 5 village cards, then draws monster cards until their hand is full.

This is a core rule. When a player has fewer than their hand size in cards in their hand, they draw up by drawing Monster cards until their hand is full. Don’t draw if you’re in the middle of something a card is telling you to do. If you are instructed to draw cards, draw those cards and then discard card until your hand is at your hand size again.

Then the top three cards of the Village Deck are turned face up and laid out beside each other by the Village Deck. These cards comprise The Village.

Players then play Adventurers to fill out the roles on their Family cards. They have to play a Theytriarch first and have at least one Adventurer in one generation before the play an Adventurer on a lower generation.

Example: Arthur draws the Dorgin Dynasty as his family card. The Dorgin Dynasty has a Theytriarch with one descendant who in turn has one descendant. Arthur then draws five Village cards and two Monster cards.

Arthur has two Adventurer cards in his hand, a Ranger and a Fighter. He has to play one as his Theytriarch. He plays the

Ranger has his Theytriarch. He may then play the Fighter in the next generation of his family.
If a player doesn’t have any Adventurer cards, they may take an Adventurer from the Village and play it as their Theytriarch.
Players then compare the luck numbers of their families. The player with the Adventurer with the highest luck number among all Adventurers is the player who goes first in the first turn.