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Deadpool 2

I tend to take notes while I watch movies. Then, I transcribe those notes here when I’m done. I recently watched Deadpool 2, so here it is. Text is what what written, information in [[double brackets]] are after-the-fact notes.

[[Like Keanu, I realized my notes on this are really short. It says something about me that “short notes” is some of the highest praise I can give a movie.]]


I’m sorry, the cast of Bridesmaids is WHAT? [[I watched at the Alamo Drafthouse, which plays old movies as part of events and just because, really, so they routinely show old trailers before the new trailers. It’s pretty cool I live near a theater that’s playing the original True Grit just whenever. Also, that Bridesmaids cast is bonkers-good.]]

Hey, actual previews already.

More Jurrasic Park. We’ve done this already. [[I’ll do this in my Avengers: Infinity War transcript, which I haven’t transcribed yet.]]

Johnny Knocksville movie again. Action Point. This is a good fit for Johnny Knoxville. It’s comfortable.

Please subvert this Spider-Man Movie under the…? Trippy. India. Has potential.

Upgrade-I like the high concept action movie. I am opposed to revenge movies, but, like, that’s the point of this one; revenge is a bad idea but this is the idea.

Deadpool 2

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This is the actual, released by 20th Century Fox, latest poster for Deadpool.





can you imagine being this aggressively ugly

my thing is deadpool has literally always been sexually fluid so like i don’t understand why people are just NOW getting mad lmfao.

The Homosexuals™

Deadpool, to Thor: “I really find you very attractive did I say that out loud OH THANK GOD A DISTRACTION”

This is one of the tamer examples, and is not how you “compliment” guys unless you would like to be dating them.

Also the writers said “omnisexual” like four years ago, but this dude didn’t freak out then because he’s a fake geek boy.

Straight guys can act effeminate and compliment other guys. Straight men are expected to have sex with women by hook or crook. Those are both expectations foisted on heterosexual men by other heterosexual men.

People who complain about the standards heterosexuals are held to; we are not eager to get people into our club; you are eager to kick people out of yours. Don’t whinge when your own standards of masculinity push characters you like into an identity that makes you uncomfortable.








Kudos to all of you for sending in polite responses to the director’s decision to make Deadpool straight

If more of you would like to do the same you can reach him on twitter at @RhettReese

They’re making Deadpool straight in the movie?


But then why should we be surprised?

They inflicted heterosexuality on Mystique and Victoria Hand and Isabelle and Constantine in their live action adaptations as well by straightwashing them

I’m not remotely surprised that the director is too gutless to have Deadpool be anything other than some straight male

I’ve read the leaked script, unfortunately there is also a scene that contains several transmisogynistic jokes.

they couldn’t they be more out of character iif they tried

Wait really?


If this shit is in the finished film I won’t be going to see it…

I’ll be honest, a lot of the way Wade’s sexuality is portrayed in canon makes me very uncomfortable. I feel like most of the time it’s spun as part of a joke about his appearance or lack of morals. I’ve yet to see a page where it was genuinely sympathetic portrayal as with the way they write how he relates to Eleanor and Evan.

Same.  It’s always seemed to me that Deadpool’s sexuality is written as “whatever will be funniest and/or make others (characters or readers) uncomfortable at this moment.”  Like how The Joker’s sexuality has been written as “whatever makes you uncomfortable.”

How “crazy” he is seems to be written in a similar manner.  Which has been attributed to the ongoing fight between his cancer and his healing factor literally changing the structure of hie brain, but I’ve seen more as “inconsistent writing” and “wanting to make this character fit this role in this story” (or “wanting to turn Wade into a mouthpiece”).  Which is the main reason why I don’t/can’t bring myself to care about the character, he’s too malleable.

Yeah. Deadpool’s sexuality has often been a punchline. Inasmuch as he’s portrayed as being sexual at all, he should be some flavor of queer. 

Deadpool has the ability to compliment men for being handsome. He can incongruously direct street harassment and passive-aggressive appearance policing to dudes…that he’s about to kill. 

His clumsy, blustering, childish overtures towards women can be revealed as hollow when he declines an opportunity for intimacy because A) He’d be taking advantage of her, B) She’d be taking advantage of him, or C) Self-doubt over his own body issues.

Deadpool can send positivity towards people who don’t receive it in our culture in the context of humor because it’s hilarious that a dangerous killer can be a nicer, more accepting person than you, audience, and none of it would take more than the few moments that are already going to be allocated to defining his character anyway.

But he’ll probably just be a shallow killer who cracks misogynist jokes, talks to the camera, and hilariously stalks a female lead.



haha oh you

Oh Headpool you scamp.


Deadpool Print for NYCC.


I don’t know how or why this happened.


1st day of ComicCon was a blast. You guys are awesome. Here, have some irony.