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Comics are broken. Less than five years ago, I wrote a blog about DC rebooting their properties and now they’re doing it again with–lemme check–Rebirth. An incredibly lazy Google search reveals there are 296 synonyms for “Rebirth” so I have to concede that DC Comics is good for another 1480 years. The system works!

Is this Rebirth? I don’t know.

Certainly, no one at DC is limiting the number of times they spin, reupholster, and present the same old properties in a new way by their ability to do so with creativity and honest-to-gods original stories. Sure, Watchmen 2 notwithstanding, there are talented people at DC Comics. But the company collectively lacks the vision and guts to actually fix the problem.

Superman has been around for seventy years, give or take. That’s seventy years of stories by different authors from different times and different economics behind them. They don’t match or fit together into a cogent narrative. Rightly, DC tries to excise some of those elements from canon. But every time they try, some creative person with clout–usually Geoff Johns or Grant Morrison or actually this joke doesn’t work because I don’t even keep up anymore–will shove in a character reference from twenty years ago. Because story be damned; even Detective Comics Comics[sic] creative staff realize because adulthood is a trap where you desperately claw at any opportunity to forget your adulthood!

It’s a mess; neither capable of integrating the past, nor strong-willed enough to excise it.

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Actually, I don’t think I’m famous enough to do open letters so I submitted the feedback through their website.

“I want to read your comics. When Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne were Batman and Robin? That was good times. Stormwatch comic and Midnighter solo series? Yes, please.

But here’s the deal, I can only enjoy those runs a little bit before the next Big Event That Changes Everything (I think the new one is called “Rebirth”) blindsides them into oblivion. Those are the bus stops that let me get off and never get back on. Sure, I am curious about staying on the proverbial bus and seeing what’s gonna happen next, but that new stuff is going to be thrown out at the next stop and I’ll be asking myself why I didn’t get off sooner.

Look, this metaphor isn’t great but I’m not the writer here.

You need to reboot the DC Universe on a regular basis. I get that.

What if, instead of having a—let’s be honest here—somewhat worn Event which allegedly threatens the universe, but only results in giving the universe a facelift…you just leave?

Leave Universe A, where after a dramatic climax Superman defeats Darkseid, Batman makes Gotham safe, and Wonder Woman fixes Man’s World. Then, instead of hanging the Imitation Sword of Damocles over the DC Universe and erasing all that just…go to Universe B. Same facelift, same reset, and no tsuris because that’s all in the ending of Universe A.

Then when the time comes, Universe B can end in a big final Event with any stakes and consequences you can imagine! Maybe Darkseid wins! Maybe Earth loses a war with New Krypton! Maybe everyone gets depowered and it works out okay. 

Then you move on to Universe C. You can do that around 25 times. You can retell Superman’s and Batman’s origin stories each time! I know y’all like that.

And the great thing is that Universes A and B are still there! You can revisit them in Annuals or TBPs or whatever because fans and nostalgia, am I right?

Look, I’m not some continuity nerd. None of these stories ever happened. I can read comics for a good story and I do. I read Saga, Nextwave, Dumbing of Age, and Schlock Mercenary. They’re good stories that have a beginning, a middle, and–eventually–an end vice a middle, some flashbacks, and an amputated stub.

I don’t know the significance of The Multiverse and the number 52. I don’t know about the pressures which gives DC Comics its artistic and economic shape. I just…want to read your comics again.”


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