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There’s so much here, but I think my favorite part is that that’s definitely Ulamog and has nothing to do with slivers.

My favorite part is “All slivers have undying” being flavortext

Right? Like someone in universe is talking about MtG mechanics.

Jace: “All slivers have undying. Everyone knows that.”

Chandra: “*@#&ing trollshroud.”

Bolas: “I remember when damage went on the stack.”

Someone mentioned a black spell that kills an enemy’s dude, then returns it from the graveyard to play under your control, mixing Swamp-powered peanut butter with mono-black chocolate. I made up a cycle with that theme and this was my favorite result. It’s just a fat, slow spell that takes away all the things on an enemy’s creature and puts it on one of your own.

Thinking of taking away the “creature you control” bit, so it has multiplayer flexibility.

Source for the (awesome) image is a user named ITL from a Star Trek BBS. This is the original, courtesy of Bronzed Dragon.

A Johnny card if there ever was one, Wilting Touch does nothing on its own. It can buff a well-placed Arc Trail or cut down something like Dual Casting. It is incredibly expensive, but it’s strange versatility makes it appealing. Maybe it should be B/U and B/R instead of BRU so it’s cheaper, keeps its color identity, and can be cast for BR, BU, BB, or UR.

Image is from The Prisoner, “Living in Harmony.”