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Steve: Which one are you again, son?

Johnny: Woah! Are you serious? How could you not know this? I’m Johnny! Johnny Storm, the Human Torch!

Clint: Ah, give him a break, Torch. He’s like 100 years old.


 #Chris Evans doesn’t know who Chris Evans is


lol the tag.

I’m surprised they didn’t make a reference to The Original Torch and Toro. They did kill Hitler #cannon 


I’m really sorry


The Avengers – Captain America (Chris Evans)

I still havent made up my mind about his suit, At times I love it and others I dont, It just seems a little, I dunno, bland. But hell, Chris Evans in a Suit? Pretty much better than any other suit!

Also, Notice Stan Lee in the background filming his cameo 🙂

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In some shots this does look good. Let us pray to the editing and directing gods.