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“You keep a silk handkerchief in your utility belt? I don’t know if that’s weird or amazing.”

Some of Ardian’s best work is that issue. LOOK at his Batwoman!


I will say I still have people mad at me, including my hubby, for Barbara getting whomped some by Kate in Barbara’s own book.

What can I say? It happens.



“Or when I saw Batman in person for the first time, and I realized that it could be anyone under that mask. Even me.”

The greatest thing about this line (part of Kate listing some character defining moments to answer the question posed in the text of the above image) is that the first half of it is one that’s recognizable to any Batman fan. “It could be anyone under that mask” is usually a statement of fear, or of admitting to the unknown, or is uttered by people covering the fact that they’re afraid that there is no someone under the mask, but a something

Batwoman #0 says that same realization, in the mind of Kate Kane, was an inspiration that showed her who she could be: the Bat. Not a Batgirl, not a Robin, not a protege. She realizes that she could be him. This reframing of these tropes of Batman stories (not to mention the overall events of origin issue #0) plainly states: we refuse to consider Batwoman a lesser knock-off of Batman. She is his equal.