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Gahncai: I can’t fight here. It’s too narrow. These goblins are just chewing on me.
Rulah: Take Ularon back. I’ll do it.
Gahncai: Can you climb over me a little more gently?
Rulah: Fill less of this crevasse.
Goblins: Skree!
Gahncai: Can you get less fire on me?
Rulah: Fill less of this crevasse.
Gahncai: Some of these goblins are stabbing past you and into me.
Rulah: Fill. Less. Of this. Crevasse.

Rulah: 5, 10, 15…
Bria: Why don’t you wear armor?
Rulah: I do, I just don’t wear thirty kilograms of plate mail. I’m going to check on Gahncai’s flank.
Bria: It’s Shadow Iron!
Rulah: But it can’t protect everything!
Gahncai: All armor is ridiculous.
Rulah: 5, 10, 15…
Bria: Common fallacy; armor has flaws, but even useful things have flaws.
Gahncai: What about chinks in your armor?
Bria: I’d rather have flawed armor than no—ow!
Rulah: What?
Bria: Nothing. Just a small…knife in my elbow.

Bria: How do so many goblins live down here?
Gahncai: Goblin life cycle. They life peacefully and breed until they outgrow the local food supply.
Rulah: Then they act aggressively until their numbers are thinned. ‘The harsher the winter, the earlier the raids.’
Gahncai: They’re probably attacking half of the monsters on this level right now.
Rulah: Feels cruel.
Bria’s Sword: SLICE!
Goblin: Skree!
Bria: Maybe we should give them horses.

Rulah: Watch your sword, Bria! Gahncai, what’s your religion?

Gahncai: Now?

Rulah: Sure.

Goblin: Shah!

Rulah: Hrf.

Goblin’s spear: SHATTER!

Rulah: Why not?

Gahncai: I don’t do religion. You?

Rulah: The Strongpeople believe in feeding, fucking, and fighting. But, y’know, with horses.

Gahncai: …

Bria: …

Rulah: We fight alongside horses.

Bria: No judgment. Horses are delicious.

Gahncai: I love ‘em.

Rulah: Where should I put down Ularon?

Gahncai: Uh…butchers table?

Rulah: No, too much viscera. Is that a pooping corner?

Gahncai: Yeah. Sacrificial altar?

Rulah: More viscera. Do goblins just sit, ever?

Gahncai: There. That filthy corner is the least filthy.

Rulah: Bria! Fall back!
Rulah: Goblin gods, huh?
Gahncai: They look like most primitive gods; food fucking, and fighting.
Bria: Ugh! 
Goblin: Skree! 
Bria: Primitive gods? In the Free Kingdom of Bria’s Hold, we have a proper religion which encourages utter services to the undead aristocracy.
Rulah: And your role is…?
Bria: Pontiff Immortus.

Rulah: I’ve got Ularon! Gahncai, we’re coming in! How’s the room?
Gahncai: Temple. Masterwork statues. Otherwise secure.
Rulah: Except for the door.
Gahncai: You told me to bust the door down.
Rulah: I had the idea that it’d be busted in such a way that it wouldn’t stop us, but it would stop a horde of goblins.
Gahncai: Well, it’s busted so the winners can eat the losers and then pick their teeth.
Bria: I’m not eating goblins!

Ularon: It’s important to feel their—
Rulah: Hrah! Busy punching, Teacher. Hrah!
Goblin: Skreee!
Ularon: As am I. The Drophan-Bo technique combines one’s mind and body with the timing and mindset of the enemy and—
Ularon: pfurgh!
Rulah: Ularon?
Goblin: Shah!
Rulah: Fire fist!
Goblin: Skreee!