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I may have mentioned previously the last time I played Warhammer 40k. It may remind you that I used to have a Xanga, that I used to have a Blogspot, that I used to blog, or anything else from ten years ago.

The silver lining to my relocation to Louisiana–my country’s valley where our national sweat collects–is that I can hang with folks. The cloud within that silver lining which is distinct from the other clouds inside of it is that I’m playing 40k and am ready to riot if I shuffle up for another another tediously long or pointlessly short game of Magic’s Elder Dragon Highlander format.

So the 40k thing might become a campaign, and as it just so happens I have over ten years of experience trying to get a Battletech campaign going. We’re in the very simple planning stages of the campaign right now, so instead of getting into that I’m gonna bitch.

-So after five minutes of intense combat, everyone just calls time out and totals up points?

-No one ever disengages. Morale breaks exist, but the system doesn’t seem set up to withdrawal.

I tried to get a Battletech campaign together for ten years.

-For a universe that’s made to spawn thousands of irrelevant, generic battles over faceless planets they areĀ picky about units.

-The scenarios are literally like, “if one force is bigger, do X.” Like, why are the forces not equal? How unequal can they be? Does the X I’m doing scale to the size disparity?” 40k just shrugs and says “whatever unequal. IDGAF, mate.”

-No initiative. First shots can be devastating.

-Jumping off of the last one; games can take hours to set up and play, but you can lose from a few shots in the first round.

Ten. Years!

-I’m going with simple Space MarinesĀ knowing they’re the introductory faction and therefore designed to be weaker so folks buy other models.

-Friend A is already talking about buying Scissor models because they currently have Rock models and Friend B has Paper models.

-Do not play this game.

-The upside is that Friend A has already talked with me about maybe making a new tabletop system that uses all of their models, even the non-40k ones. Coincidentally, they’re also the friend I had another brainstorming session with on “Gates,” which is a completely different project, but one that could be complimentary.

-No hexes, so the placement of units is non-quantifed. They would be quantified if the system used hexes. #justsayin’

Battletech has some of these issues, so it’s not 40k-specific. I mean, that’s probably the reason that wasn’t able to get a campaign together, even after all of those years. Maybe my friends are just stupider now.

Anyway, I’ll try to write a bit about the Gates Project for next week (or maybe finally do that “Remain Indoors” RPG mini-book).

Really, it’s not that Louisiana is rainy or suffering from coastal erosion, it’s that the Earth is trying to wash this state away (as it should).