One comment on “Season 4 Supplemental

  1. Drumhead kaput?

    …not even frozen chocolate chips, eating like they’re M&Ms?

    No original or format-disrupting thoughts right now, unfortunately:

    – In past seasons – mainly with weaker episodes, or with the Riker/Picard thing – you’d talk through not just how the episode runs as-is but how it would run with a different character in the lead, or a more modernized version of the social message, or tightening the script, or whatever. I could be wrong, but I feel like that’s dropped off this season.

    – Could try building a paired or parallel episode as though you were writing sequels for later that season or for the next season.

    – Could start drafting guest stars or secondary characters as the main cast of another ship.

    – Your original schtick was that Derek was almost completely new to Star Trek; now that he’s got a pretty good grasp on things, it might be good to add a third person who’s completely new to it.

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