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  1. “Kirk or Picard?” was a good opening shot I didn’t expect but maybe should have. Is it weird that TNG didn’t get out of TOS’ shadow until it had matched the length of TOS’ original run? It feels weird, but maybe it shouldn’t.

    “Kirk is just a guy with a ship” encapsulates a lot of Kirk’s appeal; Picard did have flaws in these first seasons too, though, an’ I’m going to miss ’em.

    “You have to be willing to kill off characters” – man, that’s… I don’t 100% agree with this, but my actual reaction has to do with a season one Farscape character.

    I don’t feel like I can really commend the sound quality of any podcast I’ve listened to; every single one, for instance, seems to have a mismatch between the volume of their intro music and the volume of their actual talking. I at least enjoy “QuestQuest” (questquest.transistor.fm) (and basically anything @tehawesome does), and haven’t noticed any particular issues with their production quality.

    I’m trying to fill my own playlists with stuff I last heard twenty or more years ago, Deep Purple and Dio and the like, but it’s been complicated by the fact I didn’t really pay attention to artists or titles back then.

    Talking about things to improve just fills my mind with things *I* need to improve; brain cannot manage suggestions or critiques for you at this time.

  2. Season four is where it is undisputedly its own thing.I don’t think it was planned that way; I think that’s just how long it took them to find their own footing.

    Yeah, I never realized how much I missed a more flawed Picard until this watch-through. Their use of the guy is just…heavy.

    After Derek said that bit about killing off characters, I amended, “or write them off.” If you’re doing stock character arc work, characters grapple with flaws until you’re out of stories for those flaws, then you tell the stories about getting past those flaws, then your characters generally don’t have hooks. I like “Lower Decks” and the interns that Scrubs introduced in the later seasons because they hint at the ability to rotate out older characters instead of trying to keep developed characters (Turk) or older characters that refuse to develo (J.D.) in the limelight.

    I’ll check out QuestQuest. Thanks for the heads-up.

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