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  1. There’s lots of ways to slip TOS elements in. Using a guest character in a new way seems more innocuous than, for instance, copying plots like season 1 TNG did, or revisiting a planet generations after Kirk upended its society.

    I think the episode did pretty well building up how Picard – or, someone with equally good diplomatic experience – would be best suited for the mind-meld.

    “Peace and Long Life” – wish I’d remembered that when we were trying to think of sign-offs.

    • I guess I could kind of see Picard being useful because of his status as a diplomat, but I didn’t get that from the episode and I wouldn’t agree with it.

      I wouldn’t do “Peace and Long Life,” as it’s too Trek, but in “About A Girl,” there was a bit where we learn Mochlans quote poetry to one another as a farewell in certain circumstances. I’d be down with that, if you could come up with 12 quotes/catchphrases from your own influences, I could do the same.

      Dibs on “Peace of Blake be with your” and “I am Jade Falcon.”

      • They make a point of showing the influence of Picard’s mind on Sarek’s conversation. Sarek may only need Picard’s emotional control, but it’s clearly not the only thing he’s getting, and you want whatever baggage does come through to be diplomatically useful. The Vulcan aid implicitly ruled himself out earlier when he asked Data who else was suited to take over the negotiations; and the scene where Picard confronts Sarek shows that Picard (unlike Worf, for instance) can not only show patience and restraint but do so diplomatically.

        Twelve quotes? Cripes. Maybe.

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