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  1. I really, really like this episode – epitomized in Beverly’s “they deserve more” speech – as a direct response to Beverly’s character getting cut from Season 2.

    “No direct evidence” of the phenomena, bubble-Geordi? All that stuff blown around the room doesn’t count?

    Also in this episode, I learned that Engineering has a back door somewhere in the Warp Core room.

    Oh man, so, up until now I’ve maintained that the replicators just grab material from ship’s stores, but if Starfleet can master these temporary bubble-verses, they’d allow direct matter-energy conversion. Maybe even (not that this is a desirable outcome) DS9’s infinite minefield.

    • I didn’t even think about the implications of Beverly’s Magic Coat. Maybe the bubble universe was a data-based simulation that used the ship’s stores of energy as a storage medium/source for Beverly and her coat as they were converted from data to matter? Like a weird transporter?

      A Wesley-based bubble-verse weapon is an interesting idea.

      • I think once the bubble verse was created it existed independently of the Enterprise’s assets, but it would make sense that the amount of matter which could pass back and forth would be limited by however much energy the Enterprise initially put in. So everytime they open the portal, all the random objects they suck out counts against that limit, making it harder and harder to grab Crusher.

        Another not-entirely desirable outcome: this whole “time and space and thought aren’t separate things” principle plays right into the Tommy Westphall hypothesis.

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