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  1. Vash starting out in Jean Luc’s quarters, with her “I came in through the window” remark, always tricks me into thinking she’s already met Q and that’s how she got in there.

    Don’t know what I like more: Vash’s formal earrings/necklace hybrid, or Q’s snazzy sheriff outfit.

    I’m sure it’s been said, but I’m glad Q isn’t omniscient.

    It’s pretty great that, when I googled “Will Scarlett,” Worf’s portrait is #1 in the results sidebar. …huh, Scott Grimes was Will Scarlett in Russell Crowe’s 2010 Robin Hood.

    Speaking of finding patterns in the static: if TNG were trying to comment on that one infamous TOS fanfic, Vash is a great vehicle for doing it. The jaunt into Sherwood certainly reads as an endorsement of whimsy, and Picard’s reluctance to publicize his fondness of Vash can be read as Star Trek’s reluctance to acknowledge its fondness of fanfics.

    Hopefully Riker’s line in the canteen was an isolated bit of writing. I don’t remember his character being flanderized in the late seasons, but I guess I’ll keep an eye out for it.

    I think I’d put Buffy and Firefly alongside Trigun as shows which start relatively light and get steadily darker as they go on. Not exactly the same mechanism as the transition from serious to less serious, but still a parallel one, I think. If Law and Order has held tonally steady then I think that’s more telling about the various forces behind these transitions.

    Got “The Killing Joke” last Christmas, first time I’d ever read it. Happened to rewatch Trigun shortly after.

    • That’s weird about Scott Grimes. Hollywood’s always a little smaller than I expect.

      I don’t know if I’d describe Riker as being flanderized, but I feel he sails into the same doldrums as Geordi and Crusher as the series goes on (Troi gets promoted, gets a uniform, and starts dating Worf, which is…something). Up to this point, his portrayal in popular culture hasn’t matched the Riker we’ve seen, but in this episode they match perfectly, which is…probably one of the most damning things you can say about a character.

      I think you’re right. We have the word “flanderization” because it’s a real thing, but it’s not necessarily a universal phenomenon. I haven’t seen all of Firefly, but I’ve seen bits and pieces which are serious, but never lose the series’ ability to smile at itself (depending on whether the movie counts), so I maybe assumed a bit much there.

      • I may not be up to date with the pop culture image of Riker. Last I knew, his image consisted mostly of stepping over chairs and being discount Kirk.

        • The very simple image of Riker is that “Riker does teh sex.” Not inaccurate, but a bit unfair.

          • Which, as I should have remembered, falls under the “discount Kirk” umbrella.

            Not sure how I feel about a caricature like Zap Brannigan having a stronger brand.

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