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  1. You’re saying Geordi should have the B-plot here, but the B-plot is already just an iteration on his part from “Arsenal of Freedom.” I would say put him in command of the A-plot, but then we lose the parallel about managing insubordination (Wesley getting the ‘good end’ and Picard the ‘bad end’). Maybe we can give Geordi temporary command over Data or attach Data as a peer and expand Wesley’s lesson to cooperating with other section leaders. That also justifies the presence of the “no theories, no half answers, just yes or no” line, which can double as Data’s first push down his slippery slope.

    Weird the Prime Directive roundtable is set in Picard’s quarters instead of in the observation lounge. Anyways, the scene is a mess and The Orville was right to cut it.

    “Lady bridge officer is bad with kids” would’ve worked so much better with Tasha instead of Troi and goddamnit this ep has too many opportunities to segue into Orville’s “let’s get a cat” scene.

    First TNG incidence of weapons-scale terraforming.

    How does Trila Scott’s USS Renegade cope with the Borg? Betazed sociopath butchers?

  2. I think there’s more than one leadership story in Geordi’s path from LTJG to a full LCDR. I liked what happened in “Arsenal of Freedom” and I wanted more of it. I would have liked a story where Geordi and Data are assigned to work on something as division heads and end up at odds with each other.

    I’m not sure what Data slippery slope you’re referencing? The one with Sarjenka?

    From a dramatic standpoint, having the meeting in Picard’s quarters is a change of scenery. They’ve already got one or two scenes in the conference room at this point. On the other hand, I assume there’s a lot of work involved in setting up each character’s quarters, so maybe it’s not something you do just to shake things up. In character? Maybe Picard wanted to keep a contentious discussion which involved breaking the Prime Directive…less-than-formal? Slightly off the books? Not technically official? It seems consistent with the half-assed cloak-and-dagger stuff they’re doing.

    “Q Who” is a good episode, so it’s no surprise Tryla Scott would play it the exact same way as Picard. Alternatively, she’d hire Q on as her shoe-shine boy for a week, then transfer him to Jean-Luc’s ship. 😉

    As for Lon Suder, she’d probably get him a competent counselor, some damned meds, and a season pass for Call of Duty: Khitomer Massacre. Maybe see if he would like to engage in a transfer program on a Klingon warship on active duty (what WAS the Pagh’s mission anyway?).

    • A new leadership story for Geordi, with the bonus of seeing more department heads acting like department heads. I like it.

      And yeah, the slippery slope with Sarkenka.

      I forgot they were half-assing the cloak-and-dagger stuff. That makes sense. I thought they might have the room set up anyways for an episode before or after but I hadn’t spotted anything.

      Holy shit, I forgot there was an actual Betazed murder addict. Whatever the Pagh’s mission was, it probably wasn’t going to be violent enough for the Klingons’ taste, but still uncivilized enough to test the Federation officer’s mettle. One way or the other, I doubt Lon Suder would be coming back.

      • My vote is within a week, Lon Suder is captain of a pirate Bird of Prey. Within a year, he’s either dead or Chancellor.

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