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  1. Oh man, those Ten Forward scenes where the audio has the crowd clamoring while the video doesn’t.

    I actually really like the smoky box they put Troi’s dreams in. I think Derek’s right that those sequences need to have something more than Troi falling short the same way each time; maybe that, and a better superman pose, would keep these bits from dominating memory of the episode.

    Forgot how many good bits there are. Crusher’s scene in the morgue is great.

    …Kinda want to do an episode with a ship manned by seven people who animate extras from the morgue as needed for repairs or away teams… though now that I think about it, that’s almost a Borg redux. I guess letting organics commandeer a small Borg fragment could be novel.

    Didn’t expect all those nice exterior shots of the Enterprise.

    Picard episodes aren’t fresh enough in my mind to comment on possible paternalistic/authoritarian ideology. There’s the explicit challenge from Q but I don’t think the early seasons otherwise give us a lot to work with.

    • You’re right about the audio. That’s something I didn’t notice, but my brain did.
      The bit I undersold about Troi having a “real body” versus being in a more photogenic pose is the inherent unreality of Hollywood and a little bit of resentment about it. You’re right, having a good superman pose would make this episode better-received, especially if she made more progress in each sequence. C’est la vie.
      I think our next two Picard episodes are “Qpid” and “The Drumhead,” so maybe I chose a really bad time to bring all of that up.

  2. “The Drumhead” works for the thesis, I think.

    Fair point on the unreality of Hollywood.

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