4 comments on “Minecraft News for Adults – Returns and Refrains

  1. Reasonable summary/opinion of news is reasonable summary/opinion of news.

    I’ve never changed RPG systems mid-stream, so, no real advice on that point, though I know of two mechanics which could be adapted to many systems. The Paranoia RPG gets around expendable PCs by giving every player a six-pack of clones; and (I think) Tunnels and Trolls prevents long, micro-managed combats by lumping everybody’s actions together into a single die pool for each side.

    At least at the moment, I can’t think of any RPGs which allow for nuanced tactics while also having quick, survivable combats.

    • Tunnels and Trolls sounds great. Mostly because I can give it credit for that system instead of a messed-up Native-American-by-way-of-some-white-guy RPG I snagged out of a discount bin a few years back.

      I just need a system that’s rock/paper/scissors with limited lethality and roleplaying potential. Ugh. Maybe after DPD finally get kicked out the door. Part two of the playtest should be going up next week.

      Thanks for watching, by the way.

      • Oh sure. On my own, I basically just scan the New York Times headlines, and you’re grabbing stories I missed. Also, your newer, not-an-hour-long format makes it waayyy more likely that I’ll keep up.

        “Rock/paper/scissors” may come down to scenario framing rather than explicit rule mechanics. I have some thoughts about generalizing skill rolls across multiple turns, and staging combats as steps from decision point to decision point, which I’ve been meaning to develop better.

  2. Thank you for helping people get the info they need. Good stuff as usual. Keep up the great work!!!

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