2 comments on “Minecraft News for Adults – All New, All Different, All Over It

  1. I missed the first half of that last Orville episode, but had much the same impression; this seems like one of the times where they’re mimicking one of Star Trek’s flaws instead of fixing it, and I can’t tell if they’re doing it on purpose or out of simple reflex/inertia.

    Weirdly, I had a similar problem with January’s first Discovery episode. Took me four tries to get past the predictable, depthless parts.

    The Scientific American article is serviceable but – like a lot of articles there nowadays – I still wish it were written better.

    • I don’t know. After some distance, I’m probably fine with picking up The Orville again. I keep remembering/rewatching the first two seasons of TNG so I know the potential is there.

      I’ve only kept up with the broad strokes of Discovery, but most of that is somewhat…unnuanced. That’s rough though. Has it been worth getting through the bad parts?

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