2 comments on “Menage a Troi

  1. All that grandbaby talk and not a single mention of last season’s “The Child.”

    Hm. Oo-mox may be a caricature of Vulcan hand-snogging.

    If Riker’s the type to challenge a ‘Strategema’ master then I’m not surprised to see him engage a Ferengi in simpler games, regardless of his skill (or rather lack thereof) at either game.

    Wait, you don’t enjoy Picard’s awkward Shakespearing?

    • Yeah, I’m usually the first one to talk about the time Deanna had a baby that no one talks about anymore, but I dropped the ball on this one.

      Picard’s Shakesepare is broad and I’m probably being a bit of a snob. It’s a fun episode and we should let those episodes be fun.

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