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  1. The movable “attack platforms” make 3D chess more of a toolkit than a standard chess set is, but I think the math of versatility still favors playing cards.

    Can’t remember if catsuits become less prevalent as TNG goes on. It serves a narrative purpose here – Younger Yar means to seduce the crew, and a catsuit helps signal that without overtly breaking TNG’s aesthetic – but yeah, it’d be nice if wardrobe could produce futuristic outfits which are “comfortable,” whatever that might mean for each particular person.

    My impression on this watch-through was that the regular cast never stopped distrusting Younger Yar. It undermines Picard’s closing speech a little, but the added dimension is nice and it’s interesting that her goals aren’t really at odds with the Enterprise’s goals.

    Her ploys to get the Enterprise’s assistance have the general flavor of Kirk’s playbook, and I’ve described Turkana IV as what happened to the society Kirk overthrew in “Spock’s Brain;” together with the natives making a plea for equal arms a la “A Private Little War,” this seems to be another episode where TNG pointedly rejects TOS’ imperialism, but in a way which might by now also come off as dated.

    It is nice to see Data assisting Geordi instead of vice versa, and those two do treat each other as friends and equals, but… in general, Geordi would only take the lead on tasks in his specialty or on tasks he’d been working for a while before Data arrives, while Data – on account of his rank and longer experience – would take the lead when they approach a task together or when it’s outside Geordi’s specialty, right? I’m trying to think of other times you’ve brought this up, but the only one I remember is “The Most Toys” which was an issue of the robot intuiting an answer instead of the human.

    • Seven of Nine wears one and even Kira ends up in one. I couldn’t say offhand if TNG uses it again, but the franchise itself has a problem.

      Yeah, I can definitely see the parallels with TOS-era stories.

      We mentioned the Geordi/Data thing a few times. “Time Squared” was one. Then he literally played Watson to Data’s Holmes in “Elementary, Dear Data.” Their roles aren’t well defined from one another and it seems Data gets more because he’s the hyperintelligent robot.

      You make a good point about him being the senior officer and I should factor that in more when I bitch about this stuff, but ostensibly this is a series about these people being peers. Especially if we’re not going to get any more stories about Geordi’s development as a leader, then we be able to assume he’s a senior officer proper and not a “junior” senior officer.

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