3 comments on “Keyforge, pt I

  1. I guess they’re aiming for StarCraft-tier balancing.

    I’ll admit to being confused at how they plan to put completely unique art on every single deck. Assuming the two starter decks are the same for everybody, I guess they expect to sell (7*6*5)*(7^2)*[however many unique textlines they come up with] = 72k or so decks over the game’s initial lifespan.

    • The logistics of it are intriguing.

      I never played Starcraft. What’s it’s balancing deal?

      • StarCraft (at least in its middle and later incarnations, which is after I’d stopped playing) was the first serious E-Sport game rigorously designed for use in E-sports; they’re famous for how much effort they put into tuning, that’s all. I didn’t mean to imply anything about the type or character of the balancing. Though, now that I’ve made the comparison, I do have to wonder just how “unique” these unique decks will be. .

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